Friday's Ten Happy Things | 05

Egh, being a sulky hag is exhausting, so here we go again:

1. Insightful late-night conversations. With VGang in Cagbalete or with D at home, both fueled by a bit of alcohol and generous food. It's always nice to have people around with whom you feel safe to share everything, even if the topic/s can make or break a relationship.

2. Working...out. More than a year has passed since! I regret backing out of our dance concert last March because not only could I have connected with a lot of people, but let's be honest, I also could've used the training to double as exercise. Anyway, I'm revisiting Jillian's 30-Day Shred, and Day 1 had me quitting around the 9-minute mark lol. I'll try again tomorrow.

3. Etsy sales. I'm shy about promoting this for many reasons, but if you wanna take a peek, just click the 'Shop' link up top!

4. Meeting a supplier this Saturday. As much as I want to avoid jinxing my ~passion project~, I gotta share because I'm excited to get a move on with it. Tomorrow I visit a ceramic factory and see if they can make beads that I'll be using for my accessories. Stay tuned!

5. Trimming Milo's furry coat. Snuck a few snips around his head and tail when he was chilling by the door (the rainy season breeze had him so relieved). Satisfying hehe.

6. Grocery/home department/any shopping trip with D. AND her experimenting in the kitchen. Since returning from Sagada, I don't think we were able to slow down. We finally grabbed the opportunity this week and she made etag-flavored mami which I am craving at this very moment at 2:25am!

7. Throwing out junk – to make room for more beautiful things. For what felt like eternity I had to sleep on a bed literally covered in decades' worth of clutter, all because my mother had an impromptu house repainting, and all our stuff didn't have some place to sit while that was happening. Aren't I glad most of it is gone.

8. I'm struggling to think of what to be grateful for (this is sad), so here are the givens: a new day, a happy family, a loving relationship, a healthy (I think) me...

9. Watching horror gameplays. Not sure if I've mentioned it here before: one time I was playing Silent Hill at 3AM with headphones on, and it scared me so much that my hands would tremble so badly, I stopped playing within five minutes. I enjoy watching other people play instead, like PewDiePie, POiiSED, CoryxKenshin, and Dashiegames. Watch the Outlast series, it's the best ever!!!

10. Getting my creative mojo back. Very important for me. If I can't create, I'll shrivel up inside and the disease will eat me alive. I'm exaggerating but that's how I've been feeling for the past couple of years. Thank God I still have ideas.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Clutter in Life

Before leaving for Cagbalete last Friday, I made sure to clean up around the house (to compensate for my absence). This Monday morning, I returned to a house half-filled with decades' worth of clutter. They were repainting my sister's room and her stuff had to chill out somewhere before being brought back in.

I literally feel, as a friend would remark about his own life, nasisikipan.

So when I came upon a discussion on Etsy with the headline "Have you ever thought of trashing everything and starting over?" my heart screamed "Yes!!!!!!"

Personally, clutter is a big source of anxiety for me because taking care of myself (and taking care of others) is so difficult to do if I'm living among a hopeless pile of stuff. I give in to urge to clean up; otherwise, it will nag my thoughts and keep me from focusing on what's important.

This doesn't just apply to things and houses, too – clutter can be in your daily routine, in your work life and career, in the quality of the company you keep, and even in your own state of being.

From that Etsy discussion, someone suggested breaking into chunks the overwhelming tasks you had to face. To take a small step every day, in hopes of getting where you want to be – a peaceful, productive, fulfilling place that sustains you. Does this resonate with you? Then maybe the following can ease life up a bit:

  1. No more taking home of stuff from work. Do so if necessary, but make sure to return paperwork, supplies, etc. the next day. Also: return anything that isn't yours.
  2. Give or throw away clothes, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit, and that haven't been worn in at least one year (not even two).
  3. Additionally, do not buy anything of the sort and promise to repair or mend, if you won't.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. You'll feel more inclined to move around and accomplish things.
  5. Don't linger on social media longer than you have to, and put the phone down when with friends and family.
  6. To save yourself the stress – and to save some money – start the day on time. No need to buy breakfast or resort to taking a cab in a hurry. Savings intact, conscience clear.
  7. Move. Simple jump jacks and jogging in place will do to keep your body active and ready to take on anything. Even better: exercise while picking up after yourself and cleaning as you go.
  8. Take screenshots of and bookmark only what you feel you'll need as reference in the future. Delete digital info regularly.
  9. Take a deep breath, and depending on your flow, prioritize your to-do list. Not everything needs to be finished in a day.
  10. Do small chores frequently and regularly. Laundry, for example, could be less burdensome if you washed small items daily, like handkerchiefs, socks, and undies.

Here's to wishing I'm able to follow through and heed my own advice. If these and more else fail, maybe let's reconsider our priorities and finally bid goodbye to that aspect of our lives which gives the most stress? That's before making sure to save for a rainy day, okay.

Life, lately | 01 (again)

Cleaning your bag and removing clutter from your life is therapy. Do it. It's one less problem to worry about.

I'm very slowly making my way through mountains of papers, unfinished projects, and neglected materials etc. sitting everywhere at home. Underneath the pile I found this notebook, in which I used to sketch ideas just a few months back; and to take some stress away I've begun to doodle again.

While I do love learning from being busy at work, I'm thankful that the past few weeks (after Madrid Fusion Manila) have been a little lax, and that I'm not getting antsy from the absence of a long to-do list. I'm trying to make better use of my time, though, like helping around the house (and sorting my stuff out); contacting suppliers and planning my passion project which I hope I can launch before the holidays; just trying to be a better, more positive person in general...

Oh!!!! I started an Etsy account last year for digital elements and artworks, since I had no time to pursue making accessories at the moment. I figured I should make my laptop work for me as it's the one thing I face all day every day anyway. So happy to have made a few sales, nakakakilig.

I do hope as the month draws to a close and we're getting nearer a season of more events, that I maintain this hopeful outlook in lyf, that's all.

Life lately

I often find it ironic and very sad that I'm being paid to write and edit stuff for a living, but when it's my turn to do that for myself, I suck at it. :)

Anyway. Let's talk about me!!! Jk! A day before 2016 and after much prodding from D weeks before that, she dyed my hair green – something I'd long been meaning to do. I wanted red hair several years back but as soon as KC Concepcion sported the look... nevermind. I love that green is unexpected but still feels like a natural color, and I guess since there are only two items of green clothing in my possession, I don't feel the pressure of changing my style or giving my wardrobe an overhaul. It looks fine with all the blackness.

Which, to be honest, is getting stale. I'm slowly entering that part of my personal cycle??, where once again color and light and all cute things excite me. Dusty/pastel linen and cotton and viscose garments + ceramics are my obsession du jour, and I wish I had the time and energy to make them for myself.

This hot and sticky weather makes me miss Kenny more (and Macy, too, who's now in Canada). We used to swim in the city's public pool almost every week during summer. Then afterwards binge on junk food. I don't remember how we funded those spontaneous moments (maybe it helped that we had Lucky Me! pancit canton ready for the taking c/o my mother's and Macy's mother's sari-sari stores; or that Briane was so easily bullied into buying 1.5L Coke). You'd think we'd have done this more often by now, but it's only gotten more difficult to align our schedules. #Adulthood

I miss my darling bear terribly, too. Not that we're in a long-distance relationship, mind you; we're pretty much joined at the hip. It's just that we've both been so busy, it's become quite a challenge to be the best partners for each other lately. When one of us is having a bad day and wants to rant, the other might be too tired to function or too stressed out with her own problems to take care of the other. On the bright side, I'm slightly grateful that our stress levels sort of match – and we're self-aware enough to recognize and try to work around this. Otherwise, our wavelengths would be so far off. Also! Weeeee! This Holy Week and the week after that, we've made plans to s l e e p, pray, do some self-care, and travel up north just to get our mind off things. I'm super excited!

~I've been thinking a lot lately.~ You know, about where and how I want to lead my life...soon. It has actually taken up considerable time, which is a good thing because I never want to be that person who doesn't question her status quo...

And I'm feeling good about where I'm headed – or, at least, the fact that I'm enthusiastic and being creative for myself again is something that gives me life. There are still so many things I want to do, and now that I have the resources to do them, I don't have any excuse to delay. D is a blessing to me 'cause she's a woman of action, and she has her plans too that I'm only happy and excited to realize with her. Frankly, I wrote this post to procrastinate and I am a stressed cow (like all of us right before a long weekend), but I wanted to just write to remind myself that things are going great, though they may not always be too obvious to see. :)