Friday's 10 Happy Things / 03

Currently wishing I could dive into that bed right now. I'm not sure how to go about this list, as a dear lola just passed away. She was a strict professor and would always tell us to do well in school; and although we would sit on the edge of our seats whenever she'd visit, we always knew she was loving, kind, and generous. Quite a character, she was. What's making this more difficult is that I'm also feeling devastated for my mother – Lola Migs stood as her second mom.
Maybe writing will help a bit.

  • We had my favorite chocolate cake for Father's Day. (Seems quite an inane start to this list, but Conti's Black Velvet really is a dream.)
  • I've been on autopilot again this week, a habit I don't want to encourage. How to Make Your Everyday Life Feel More Like Vacation touches on mindfulness, and a few other things I'm sure we all can find helpful.
  • Pardon the cheese... I mention her here all the time and this is not because she reads my blog, but I'm always grateful for having my girlfriend D in my life. I appreciate her wholly.
  • I made another necklace. I like the direction I'm taking on this one (this has D's input already; the previous one looked kawawa):

  • This is amazing, amazing, AMAZING. And I'm about to cry. #LoveWins
  • It's not in my character to miss the newest episode of my favorite TV show, but I'm finally catching up on the latest in Game of Thrones
  • The kind of food I'm putting in my belly has improved and I've revived my taste for veggies since cutting down on Coke, Gatorade, candy, etc. I think my sinuses are clearing up, too.
  • Monday Musings on Project Vanity. I'm not so keen on makeup, but I visit Liz's website primarily for her insightful words. (She also used to be my editor at Hello!)
  • We helped in putting together Project Runway Philippines Season 4, and it's exciting to finally view the days-long productions pieced together in cohesive episodes. The latest one, airing this June 28, 8PM on ETC, also features our client Gallery Vask. Please do tune in! :)
  • Crossing items off my to-do list is satisfying. There are more to accomplish but for now, weekend!

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Some thoughts on ~fashiiin~

I would wear this in a heartbeat. [Source]
Two of my favorite classes in college were Development of Costumes in Philippines/Asia and in the West.

Besides the visual history of fashion that continues to inspire what we're wearing today, I particularly loved learning about the political, social and economic events that motivated fashion designers to create their now-iconic pieces: Chanel's boxy clothes the antithesis of the corsets and bustles which no longer held a place in the fast-changing world of the early 20th century, and Dior's exaggerated hourglass ensembles a sort of celebratory design post-WWII.

Iconic Dior "Bar Suit"

In the 80s, shoulder pads were a thing because women wanted to be taken seriously in the workplace and started to dress like men. The sharpness it lent an otherwise sloppy blazer gave an impression of status and control, something I shared with D on our way to work yesterday morning heh.

"Just take the first step."

There's a Martin Luther King quote that goes, "'Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase – just take the first step." Those words kept me company before when I would be thrown too many lemons than I could handle.

I had forgotten about it and how much inspiration it gave me in the past couple of years, until this weekend. I went to Divisoria looking for some materials for our projects. I went there with a plan, dead set on reviving Palette Pursuit, the humble accessories shop I started in 2013. I even brought neatly prepared swatches and notes and sketches with me.

I was able to find most of what I needed; and what I couldn't, I found substitutes for.

Except for one very crucial item.