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Dear unstraight people

You just know that that bamboo is working it.
It's a tough world we live in. Ireland's been covered in rainbows recently because they have voted to legalize gay marriage, and here we are in the Philippines, "the largest Catholic country in Asia," being told as LGBT that we are an abomination.

I cannot claim that you and I will be saved from all our sins as much as many Bible-beating people claim that we are destined to burn in hell. What I do know in my heart is that an abomination we are not.

Know what else we are not? We're not abnormal just because we are attracted to and love people who have the same gender as ours. We are not lesser beings for that.

We are more than what's happening between our legs, the clothes we wear, the ink on our skin; we are more than how long or short we cut our hair to be. 

You are more than the token gay person at a group, assigned to provide entertainment at your expense. Fuck it, you deserve more than to be poked fun at because of your sexuality. 

You deserve more than to be an accessory for a fag-hag who can't handle her own at a party. You deserve more than to be kept a secret, to be introduced as "a friend" to your partner's family...and your partner deserves just the same. You deserve to enjoy the innocent pleasure of HHWW, the gentle joy of smacking your partner on the lips after a good-hearted laugh – all in public. Few things make the heart ever feel so warm.

No one has the right to dictate your emotions and your happiness and how you identify as, not even your fellow LGBT; that is all your call. But you do have the right to choose and live a life that makes you feel happy, comfortable, dignified, respected, loved, and, most importantly, that makes you feel safe.

If that is a life you cannot have at the moment because of unfortunate circumstances which you have little or no control over, then try to strive for that life in your future. It is a struggle. But you and I, we will get there.

Polymer clay necklace

One afternoon after a quick work errand, I burned a hole through my wallet with a watercolor block, a few craft tools, yards of waxed cotton cord (I got a discount!) and several packs of polymer clay. I had been itching to make something with my hands, so I decided right then and there to just BUY ALL THE STUFF, nevermind that my schedule lately was pretty packed. When your materials are within reach, it's much easier to get a project going – finding time to do them can happen later.

But, I got too excited that I started the following afternoon. First order of business was to try my hands at polymer clay. I'm not so skilled in sculpting or shaping (my Play Doh adventures involved sticking it on surfaces and rarely anything beyond that), but the excitement of trying a new medium was what I needed to get my flow back.

I made randomly shaped beads to make accessories with. Piercing the holes was a challenge because the beads would get deformed. I think an artist-grade clay would perform better, but maybe it's just the summer heat that softened my clay too much to handle. Anyway, I kept reminding myself that the imperfections gave each bead ~character~ lol.

We ran out of parchment paper at home from all the baking last Christmas, so I made do with cupcake liners. Baked these for ~30 minutes at 250C.

It's inevitable that first attempts don't go smooth sailing aka Guess who stuck the clay inside the oven and left it to bake one hundred degrees hotter than required?? This girl.

The pristine white beads, many of which I consider the prettiest pieces, had burnt undersides. Guys, you're polymer clay not terra cotta, konting pakikisama naman.

I was able to salvage a few white ones while the black beads only had minor dents due to the shape of the cupcake liners. Maybe acrylic paint can cover the damage, but all in all I'm pretty satisfied with my first try. 

Threaded waxed cotton cord through the beads et voila: something to give life to my black-and-white uniform. I still have lots left, and I'm thinking a trip to Quiapo can give me more ideas and materials to work with, like delicate gold chain, etc. 

On another note, if you're planning on making accessories, you're into embellishment or if you know someone who is, I'm giving away packs and packs of beads, chains, etc. I'm trying to streamline my materials. Please shoot me an e-mail, I'll send you photos!

Great stuff lately

I don't remember being able allowed to watch How Stella Got Her Groove Back in full, but I imagine the wholesome version of it would involve a bucketful of gratitude for her to become well again. 

Looking back at my lowest days, I would get myself together by counting my blessings; and now that I'm feeling less than stellar, I should be more conscious of the better things I have with me. Ranting and venting are quite therapeutic but negativity gets old easily, so to be a little bit more positive, let me share some great stuff lately:

  • Painting on proper watercolor paper that I bought myself (I would only get it from teachers before haha)
  • Trying out and learning to work with new (to me) media like polymer clay for an old skill like making accessories
  • My beloved, D, who keeps me well fed =)
  • Being able to help out on household chores especially now that Ate Cristy has left the building
  • Giving and throwing away stuff that I held on to but that weren't useful to me anymore (tacky fabrics, ill-fitting clothes, etc.)
  • The perfume that D's mom gave me. I sprayed it just a few minutes ago, the scent literally makes me happier than Clinique Happy.
  • Working with a clear mind
  • I'm also really happy that my siblings and I are getting along better now that we're older. I'm no longer the bullied bunso lol.

Happy Sunday!

PS, are there any other good places to hang out like Senor Pollo in Poblacion? We're running out of options between El Chupacabra, Tambai, and Cafe Curieux, etc. Would love to know!