An attempt to make posterity my thing again

I haven't been writing in a long while. Except for my inane captions on Instagram and several bursts of emotion on Twitter, there haven't been enough words coming out of me lately. I've been vomiting them online since high school and for much longer offline when the coolest thing you could do with a computer was WordArt. Now writing hardly ever comes so easy because, frankly, I'm lazy. It's more convenient to take photos.

Besides, one is equivalent to a thousand words anyway.........

But my ramblings, no matter how much they don't make sense to many, are my way of sorting my thoughts through. Just like at the end of the day when I clean up my bag (okay, sometimes I don't), I would blog about mundane things I did for posterity, to filter emotions, to vent, to "see" my thought process in words because I'm a visual person. After that my head's rid of stuff I don't need or stuff my brain can't contain anymore kasi 16GB lang yata capacity 'teh so it must be put somewhere I could remember for later.

Plus I've been stressed/forgetful/dim lately, and I blame all this to my lack of practice in writing. Writing makes me think in a more organized, calmer way and that shows in how I behave, and do things.

So! Please accept this post as my attempt to write properly again. And to make posterity my thing again (to entertain the grandkids with, if I ever have any). K thx.

I'm sharing a photo of me and Kevin earlier at the studio looking silly because I haven't smiled that way in almost a month; this type of good shit needs to be immortalized on the Internet.

Good night.