I did a thing

Emotions are wonderful – they compel you to be creative. Negative ones, especially. It's true that creativity is a form of release, an expression. It's also what I believe to be the best form of escape (next to washing dishes). So, because I've been down in the dumps and since I'm not the type to go high up in the mountains and scream for a good restart, I dusted off my craft stuff and got going.

By the way, there's this #The100DayProject happening on Instagram which I got from Andrea, and y'all know it's nice to join memes sometimes when they're about something meaningful and cute. I had a head start a few days ago making accessories and drawing with watercolor, and couldn't stop since. 

I mean... It's 4:35am as I write this, I just finished a thing I did on Photoshop. For someone who's felt dead inside for a while, it's effort enough so let me do a happy dance~* brb

Hey, it me! And my pajamic clothes. In the photo I copied this from, I was standing on a swing and holding onto the chains. I got lazy to draw those and decided I'd add flowers instead. Thought of roses because I can be basic sometimes, but I remembered D. Santan's kind of become a thing between us. When I remembered that I couldn't stop smiling. =) 

(Santan photo edited from here.)

It's amazing what a few hours of getting lost in inspiration can do. I vaguely remember how I felt writing the post before this.


I could write more than two thousand words about how angry, frustrated, sad, lost, confused I am, you know. So many words for so many emotions, so many memories and so many hopes that I want to unload off my head and my chest, but not enough energy anymore to do so. 

'Vent' via
Ma has kept Milobear tied on a leash for quite a while now, when before he was free to roam around the house and hop on the bed to snuggle with us. He was sad when I saw him this afternoon, didn't touch his food. When I asked him to go out ("Labas-labas tayo?") his ears perked up, his eyes wide open in anticipation. I untied him and he was out the door, nevermind that Ma might scold me again for being so lenient.

After a while I heard him shake himself outside, the buckles on his collar making a sound along with his movement. "Milobear!" I called out and he responded with a bark, telling me that he wants in now. That's what he usually does – he goes outside for some air and when he's done, he'll run back to the door and bark so he can be let in.
Bushy tail wagging, he ran inside and lay so comfortably under the dining chair (his favorite spot), and when I gestured for him to eat his untouched food ("Kain, Milo?") he sprang on his feet and headed towards me. I swear I saw him smile, you should have seen it.

I wish I were as free from worry, able to see the good stuff in front of me, wish I could get some time out and return energized. Until then I'll probably live vicariously through my furry bear.

// PS Okey 'tong si Nicki Minaj kapag ang dami mong galit sa mundo, ano?


Some photos of places and corners and things I took notice of/that caught my attention while out and about in the city:

Explored an empty room at the penthouse of Clipp Center for work. The unfinished fire exit is rather chic~.
Curve, indoor lounge at Vask
Curve used to have a sweeping view of north of the metro, until the neighbor started its construction. Just across the offending site is a KFC drive-through, which also used to be an empty lot green with grass. Some afternoons ago, when we'd have meetings in this venue, we would see plenty of people lounging, kids playing and flying their kites, dogs running after them.

You can't really have a great view of mother nature these days unless you set foot half-a-hundred stories high in some building, just like the one below. Quite ironic to make that effort, no?

The past few weekends I've been visiting my alma mater to practice dancing, and it feels nice with all its untouched narra trees, thriving bushes, fresh air. I cross Commonwealth Avenue afterwards, and the expanse I see every time gives my eyes a break before I head  to the towering urban jungle that is Makati City, the place I cannot deny is still my home.